Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello, my name is ...

Why hello there! It's been a while since we've connected. Welcome to my new blog, "* Power" (I call it "star power", but if you want to call it "splat power" I won't stop you). Why is it called that? We'll get into that some other time. In the meantime, please allow myself to introduce ... myself.

My name is Eric Lunt, and here are some vitals:
  • Live in Tower Lakes, IL
  • Currently work at Google in Chicago
  • Co-founder of FeedBurner in the CTO role
  • Lucky to have a supportive wife and three great kids
  • Graduated from Barrington High School in 1988, Princeton University in 1992
  • Been coding in Java pretty much non-stop since 1996
  • Previous companies: Accenture (back when it was Andersen Consulting), Burning Door, Digital Knowledge Assets, Spyonit.com, 724 Solutions
There, is that enough SEO seeding?

I had a blog for a while called "Dancing About Architecture" that is in cryognic storage. I think all of the links still work, but none of the comment stuff works since it's just a snapshot. I'm going to point my blog feed over to this blog after I get this post done, so if you're seeing this as a new post in your feed from an old subscription: nice to see you again!

I'm just going to let this be a short introduction post for now and I'll get into my motivation for starting a new blog with a subsequent post. Thanks!

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